Saturday, February 09, 2008

Nyonya Fried Rice

Another item to strike of my list from Wat's in store for 2008. I got around frying this up on a Sunday. Before this, I read Delia Smith's book on techniques on how to cook eggs. She had a pretty good technique on omelettes. Wow I wish I could have bought that book but just one volume cost close to a hundred ringgit. Anyway, I managed to memorise important bits.

To get a nice fluffy omelette, first whisk eggs well. Add in a pinch of salt & pepper. Heat oil and coat the pan well. Pour in the eggs and let it cook for a bit. Once the edges are slightly cooked, lift the pan to a 45 degree angle and push the edges of the omelette to the middle. This lets the runny eggs inside flow to the outside. Repeat the other way until there's only a bit of runny eggs on top. Flip over to the other side and you're done! Yummm don't finish the eggs first!
For this recipe, set aside the eggs and cut them into smaller slices.
Overnight rice
Heh bi (dried prawns - soaked)
Shitake mushrooms (soaked & sliced)
Garlic (chopped)
Shallots (chopped)
Chilli boh
Prawns - deveined and shelled
Oyster sauce
Light soy sauce
Salt & pepper
I marinated the prawns first with some salt, pepper and sugar. Now, start by frying the garlic and onions till fragrant. Add the dried prawns and fry again till u can smell its fragrant aroma! Next, mix in the chilli boh and fry some more! (This really gives your arms a workout, what more with my heavy utensil). Then the prawns and mushrooms. Add the rice and break up the chunks well. Pour in the seasoning mixture and fry till well combined. Add the eggs, dish up and serve!


CYnM said...

ML !(I think u r who I think u r)
U R torturing me by making me very very hungry! U know I can't get this kind of food here... :)
Anyway, your hubby just give me your link. I am adding yours to mine. Keep up with the yummo-looking postings, more importantly, add a recipe if you could, to benefit ppl like me! ha. I am sorry I missed u guys in SFO. Heard that u guys had a good time. Oh yeah - GONG HEI FATT CHOY! Keep in touch- your husband is not so good at that - he ok only lah.

CYnM said...

Hi ML.
Reading ur blogs makes me very very hungry. u know i can't get this kind of food here :)
I am glad 2 find u here. Will link urs to mine. Keep up with the yummo-looking pictures, please add a recipe if you could, so that ppl like me can benefit from it (i know, it sounds a little selfish). Oh yea, Gong Hei Fatt Choy. Ur hubby gave me ur site. Sorry I missed u guys at SFO. Heard that u guys had a good trip. Keep in touch!

coffeedreames said...

hi there! visited your blog, good stuff!
glad u find the food here yummy

haha at least you can satisfy your hunger visually eh?

sure, we'll keep in touch thru our blogs ya!

take care! maybe we will visit US again soon *cross fingers. we loved SFO so much - beautiful!