Monday, July 10, 2006

Superman returns... B grade

sigh, i watched the blue-suited hero in action yesterday and words fail me... how can a movie be this bad?? i mean, they've been making and remaking superman for years! how can this age of Hollywood blockbusters movies, superb CGI and brilliant directors churn out such a souless, kindergarten-standard plot picture? arrrggghhhhh i hate walking out of movies disappointed. it makes me mad! I want my money and time back.

with all the advertising and publicity, large billboards, shiny posters adorning every mall and highway, certainly the general public would expect at the very least, a decent plot with some acceptable acting? sigh...

Lex Luthor was pathetic, and isnt he suppose to be a brilliant bad guy? how could he come up with such a supid plot? to sell land and be a rich tycoon to a nation where he know billions will be killed in the aftermath of his evvviil plan?

Smallville's version of Lex is superb compared to this.

I guess i can;t comment much on Superman and Lois. They weren;t given good scripts to work on, iamgine repeating the same boring stuff - "will we see you around?" and "I'll always be around" arrrgghhh gimme a break mom!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Lazy weekend

i finally had one of my long desired lazy weekend. Eat, sleep, watch a dvd, eat sleep, bathe, repeat cycle. of course i did a little housework here and there *wink.

but more often than not, i find that when the lazy weekend is coming to an end, it always doesnt leave a good feeling. i get headaches from sleeping too much, resulting in a terrible Sun night sleep, and voila! me driving along the KL roads on a bright, cheery Monday morning, ready to do serious damage to anyone who dares cut my line.

When the weekend is packed with too many activities/chores/responsibilities, i end up complaining that i have simply no time for myself. why must i do this, why must be oblige this person and that etc etc... and yet, when i get a perfectly free, sinfully lazy weekend, i end up not satisfied either. sigh, what a grouch-pot i am.

which is better?