Wednesday, August 16, 2006


That's the beautiful island of Redang, located on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. It has the whitest, finest sand in the world! (at least in my opinion), and the bluest, most crystal clear waters. You can just lie on the sand or dip in the sea for hours ahhh that's bliss!

This is actually my 2nd trip to Redang and to the same resort too! haha, i'm not the adventurous type. Came here in 2004 with a good friend and vowed to return again with my hubby.

3 days just arent enough, i think all the americans and europeans spend weeks here! Sigh, if only we had that sort of culture in Malaysia. Even getting a 3-day leave proved testy. Had to be on my toes prior to my leave in case anything came up. And yes, something did come up! it was indeed a challenge to keep it out of my mind throughout the trip, but when i sank my feet in the sand and let the cool waters soothe away the worries, i had some peace, at least for a while.

Already planning my next trip! Till then... its work again. toodleloo!