Sunday, February 24, 2008

Let's Salsa!

I have been watching American Idol and I'm starting to realise, there are plenty of disillusioned people out there. And the alarming thing is, fren's and family that are (too?) supportive, blindly encouraging and making them believe they have true talent and to pursue their dream. seriously, if everyone were to tell me I could sing, could you blame me for thinking so? dear me..

I like to cook. Sometimes, I wonder if I should have pursued a degree in the culinary arts. Wouldnt it be great to cook for people for a living? Everyone loves to eat and everyone is happy when they eat.

Where is the point where we can go, hey - i have a passion, I think i'm good at it so I should pursue this dream. Or rather,

Where is the line we draw and say ok, let's be realistic. i love doing this and i'll enjoy doing it everyday in my own time, as a - hobby. But that's what it all is. No blind chasing of dreams.

If we all knew whether our passions would lead us to become great, wouldnt that be great?

Anyhoo, that aside, let's get on with my passion. Yes, learning to cook new stuff (or is it actually taking photos)? Hmm... dilemma, dilemma.

Salsa! (the sauce, not the dance) Such an easy dish that's so colourful and zingy and tangy and hot! what a mouthful. I like how the flavours and colours combine. Tomatoes and coriander leaves who would have thought of such a simple yet wonderful combination? Salsa is the Spanish word for sauce, and is always used to accompany Mexican dishes. Read more about it here. Here's how to make fresh salsa or Salsa fresca.


Tomatoes (seeds and pulp removed, diced)

Onions (chopped)

Lime juice

Cilantro / chinese celery (chopped)

Jalapeno pepper

Salt & pepper

I wouldn't know where to get jalapeno peppers in Malaysia so I substituted with our very own hot cili padi! Combine ingredient together and taste. Adjust to the hotness you prefer.

Set aside to chill for about an hour.

Next up, quesadillas to go with this salsa (should be the other way around)...

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