Friday, September 22, 2006

Life Without the Idiot Box

Everyone stares at me agog when they find out that I do not have a TV at home. Haha and I take pride in being able to fill my time with various 'constructive' chores or activities without the TV. Yep, life is certainly more fulfilling without fixing myself permanently on the sofa and eyes glued to the set. Let me brag about that for a while for truth be told, I would jump at the opportunity to get a TV if you just give me rm5K now. I'd get one of those sleek flat screen TV's and register with Astro on the double.

BUT, I do cherish the 'extra' time I have now. Reach home at 8, cook dinner, clean up, read a book and i'm already fast asleep. I have been able to devour a book in a week on average. Bet I wouldnt be able to finish a book in a month if I had a TV.

Besides, my hubby is pretty into living life without a TV. Guess he knows if we get one, he'd be watching his football matches back to back and i'd resent him for not helping around in the house. yea, I can just about picture that nasty scene - me naggy wife, him couch potato deaf to wife's nagging.

Phew, so let's see how long we will last without one