Sunday, February 08, 2009


Great name for a restaurant eh? Ah Soon. I have a cousin called Ah Soon too.
This placed was recommended by none other than my food buddy, MY. Go to her if you wanna know some of the best places to fill your tum.

Not too far from where we stay, basically if I remember it right, just go along MRR2 all the way from Melawati, past Sri Damansara until you come to Desa Aman. Turn into it and somewhere, somehow you'll find it. Sorree!!! I'm terrible with directions. Call MY, or my hubs if you wanna know exactly how to get there. :P

yea yea I'm hopeless

So what's good here? Ta da! Steam fish again heh heh. We like to eat healthy food :) Its not Teo Chew style. Could be Hokkien style. Anyway, the fish is fresh, sweet and the soup is very flavourful. They serve yau char kwai to throw into the soup! What an excellent way to soak up the soup and enjoy. Its like fish kut teh. :P

Next is the wild boar curry. WOO.
The meat was tender and cooked just right. How do they do it? Not at all like any of the tough, dry and tasteless wild boar meat that I've tried. Is that 4-angle beans there? yea I think it is. This post was suppose to be up a month ago.

I was so busy balancing between eating and taking photoz, (trust me its not an easy task) that I forgot to take a photo of one of the dishes. I dunno wat you call this veg but its soft, has a slightly slimy layer on the surface of its leaves yet its crunchy. You can see part of it in the pix above and below. i think its a seasonal veg, recommended by the peeps at the restaurant. You must ask them for their seasonal greens. Apparently they have unique ones here and they're cooked well too.

At the bottom is tau fu with minced meat. Not bad too. Pardon the lack of details and descriptions. But be rest assured this is a good place to go eat. So its worth the drive there.

Biz hours: 11am-6pm so its just open for lunch

Close on Sundays!

Add: No.122, Desa aman, Batu 11, Jln Sg Buloh.

Tel: 6140 3510

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

What I do when I'm bored

1. Listen to soundtracks and guess which movies they're from.
Remember Jurassic Park? The music is incredible - I can just about picture those fantastic scenes when we first see the dinosaurs. Wow. I so wanna watch it again.

I can even guess American Beauty's soundtrack - beat that!

2. Look for clothes online.

3. Eat milk and cereal.

4. water plants? nah...

5. Select a book to read from the many piles lying around in my house. They are everywhere! Outside the toilet, on the bed, on the bedside table, on the kitchen table.. Arrgghhh and they are either about politicians or on self development or mind power or age-proofing your brains... Urgh, i need to buy more chic lits. My husband's books are growing more than my stack.

6. Describe my 6-word memoir
" Lost my wedding ring to penguins"
--> Bet no one else can say that.

7. Clean my fridge

8. Plan things to buy to restock my fridge

9. Clean my fridge

10. Budget my grocery shopping