Friday, February 08, 2008

Claypot Rice at Huen Kee, Jln Pudu

Nothing satisfies better than a hearty meal on a cool night right after a refreshing hike. That's what we did last Sunday. Hubs went for his usual futsal and i didnt want to stay home gorging on cookies so a bunch of us decided to burn some calories. woo hoo! It rained almost the whole day so the weather was really cool - perfect!

Dinner plans were made and off we went to Jalan Pudu for Claypot Chicken Rice. I have never ventured to this area before though I do know there's lots of good food here.

We ordered a large waxed duck claypot rice. Priced at RM40, it was pretty expensive. We all thought it was just okay, overall too salty and there werent many pieces of the wax duck to enjoy too. The small pot costs RM15 and the medium RM30.

Next, the claypot chicken rice which was better. Many large, succulent pieces of chicken. As E kept saying, this is not "fake chicken claypot rice" where the chicken is precooked and added in later. This is the real thing where the chicken pieces are cooked together with the rice over charcoal flames. Imagine all the juices flowing into the rice..yum. The rice was well coated with the dark sauce but hubs would have preferred more burnt rice - he likes eating carcinogenic stuff. Priced at RM6.50[S],RM13[M], RM18[L]. Add extra RM4-RM6 for extra chicken.

Another highlight of the meal was the chicken with chinese wine. (RM21 [S],RM33 [M], RM38 [L]) mmmm wonderful! You can feel the hot soup warming up your whole body. The wine used was sweet, slightly bitter and very heong. MY was commenting that there is a particular sweetness to the soup just like when you boil crabmeat with ginger. wow, my frens sure have specialised taste buds.

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