Saturday, November 01, 2008

Hainanese Chicky Rice, Tmn Melawati

Above portion is slightly more than 1/2 a chicken, RM18

Lookit that chicken, so beautifully roasted, the flesh is tender, juicy and dripping with flavour. The skin is super 'hiong' and all the fat has melted off from it so you don't have the gross fatty bits. Served with a light sauce and cucumber slices, this dish is just perfect!

The 'yellow rice' as we call it, is cooked with the drippings from the roasted chicken. You can imagine how delicious and fragrant it is. Doesnt the rice look so nice and fluffy too? I love pics that are able to show the details well :)

This shop also serves various side dishes like taugeh, tauhu and green veg.

Good food that's affordably priced with friendly service every time! My parents love the food here too, mum says it serves one of the best roast chicken she's ever tasted!

Located at the food square in Taman Melawati town centre. Opens everyday except Thursday. The chicky runs out fast, problie till 2.30 to 3pm only so head there early for your lunch!

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