Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Good old coffee beans

Given that my blog name is coffeedreames, i am so embarassed that not one of my posts has been dedicated to the GOOD BEAN. So here is the start of all things coffee.

Apart from actually being able to ward off certain cancers and help prevent type II diabetes, below is the list of stuff which I personally feel is WHY you should drink coffee:

1. Keeps you awake throughout the night so you can stay up and watch back to back episodes of House MD/Heroes/Lost/ reruns of Friends,

2. Keeps you awake thoroughout the night so you can wake up with a pounding headache and skip work under the pretext of a 'migraine',

3. Combine it with bananas and you have yourself a powerful bowel movement inducing drink to get those stuff moving and stop your constipated suffering,

4. Drink it super 'kau' (thick, dark brown coffee shop kind with or without condensed milk hmmm or any type of coffee for that matter), without water to wash it down and you get instant yellow looking teeth and breath that is guaranteed to keep (annoying) people away

5. Its the base of a good pick up line - all too familiar with "Can I buy you a cup of coffee?" It doesn't sound too obvious yet everyone knows what it leads to. If you do get rejected, it wouldnt be too painful coz hey, its just coffee.

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