Friday, April 27, 2007

Garlic Baked Chicken

A simple recipe even guys will have no problem with! (all husbands reading this should surprise their wives with this fool proof recipe!)

Blend lots of garlic and onions together. Marinate the chicken with it, plus some salt and pepper overnight. I always think that rubbing the marinade into the chickies will make them seep in better. not sure how true that is!
Pop chickies into a preheated oven (180 degrees) for ~ 40-50 mins or until skin turns a crispy, golden brown. Keep spreading butter over the chicken throughout the baking time. and dont drool! the smell of butter is again ooo ahhhh :)
Make gravy with the leftover garlic and onions from the marinade. Just stir fry them with olive oil and add some cornstarch with water to thicken it. Salt and pepper to taste. My gravy came out slightly too salty but goes okay with rice :)
Add note: Girl Who Loves to Cook just did a roast too. Got lots of great tips from her site and its true! We should rub the marinade under chickie's skin and into the flesh for yummier taste. Also, i should wrap it in foil the next time and only remove foil when its almost done just to brown the skin.


Chinchillas said...

AMBOI...... the chicken look so deliciousssss.... wondering when is OUR turn to taste your cooking skill....

coffeedreames said...

haha tooo laatteee :P

kidding :) i'll arrange one day hor?