Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Triple Decker Sandwich

I've been having this obssessive compulsion to mess around in the kitchen and everything that I think of lately revolves around What recipe shall I try next? My grocery shopping expenses have sky-rocketed lately but I justify that with "home cooked meals are always healthier than eating out". I give my mind a rest too while I cook coz it goes quite almost blank as the part of my brain that controls movement takes over.

My first attempt at a triple decker sandwich. This is one tough baby.
Dug out my can food and leftovers:
Oyster mushrooms
Baby romaines
Cheese (use Kraft. It melts ever so nicely at room temperature... yum!)
Salt , pepper to taste

Lay 1st layer with baby romaines and top up with tuna mixed with mayo and chopped onions.

Spread margerine onto 2nd layer. Top with more romaines, pan fried oyster mushrooms with a dash of salt, mashed eggs with mayo, salt, pepper and oregano. Add a slice of Kraft Cheese!

I like my sandwiches cut into triangles - just like Calvin in Calvin & Hobbes :)

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