Sunday, May 20, 2007

Pretty Flowers!

My dear hubby finally agreed to take me to Sg. Buloh to get cheap cheap flowers! (I got tired of paying for convenience as well as through my nose at the nursery at UK (read Ulu Kelang. You can see it along MRRII.) Don't go there! They charge almost double as I painfully found out.
I love flowers but growing them is simply not in my genes. Come to think of it, even keeping them ALIVE is a challenge. Boo hoo.
Anyway, I AM stubborn and I WILL find a way to keep my green friends alive for as LONG as I can. So this time round, I picked more suitable plants for my balcony. I put my trust in the lady at the nursery.
me: Can stand hot sun?
flower lady: ya, this one can. Put fertilizer the red kind once a month. Put just 10 biji and water everyday. no problem wan.
me: ooooOOoo ok. i want this, and this and that.. (excitedly choosing my victims..)
So I got myself several hanging flowers, one potted plant for my toilet (potted plants in the toilet really makes the toilet look better - for what purpose I don't know. I just like toilets to look inviting haha!) and a white desert rose (father's day gift for my dad - if its still alive by then).
Total: ~RM 70 for 6 plants. Not bad eh?


Chinchillas said...

I pity the flowers...... FlowerS! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!

coffeedreames said...

haha they don't have legs. they are trapped!!