Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Aglio Olio

This is one of the very first pasta I tried my hands on and i've been cooking it for all the pot lucks I have been too or hosted:) Simple ingredients that are easy on the wallet and tastes superb! :)

Er, no specific portions - just adjust to your own liking.

Cook spaghetti in a pot of rolling boiling water. Add in salt. You can also add in bits of dried chilli to the water. Drain and rinse with cool tap water.

Key ingredient: GARLIC. For me, I
use lots and LOTS of garlic! (edit* approx 1 bag to 500g pasta) Chop them up. Heat up olive oil in a pan, sautee the chopped garlic for a few mins till fragrant. Add in Shitake mushrooms. I've tried with fresh button mushrooms before but Shitake adds a distinct taste that complements the dish better. Then add in dried chillies (more if you prefer a 'volcanic' taste). Salt, pepper and chilli flakes to taste. Mix with pasta.

I'm still perfecting this pasta as I still can't get the taste like in Pizza Uno or Sentidos at Star Hill. Anyone knows any extra tips/tricks?


Anonymous said...

Ok la, since you have master ALL the below dishes, I can go to your house for lunch already....


Julian said...

"Key ingredient: GARLIC."

That automatically makes you one of my favourite people already, lol!!

coffeedreames said...

Ang/Julian: How about a pot luck at my place one day? *wink
Shall stuff you guys with GARLIC!