Sunday, March 04, 2007

Diet Week!

Finally, I managed to convince my hubby to go on a 7-day diet with me. Reason for this? hee hee, we'll be going to Pangkor Laut, the luxurious resort owned by YTL group soon. (like next week) Soooo.. this trip includes non-stop eating at the hotel for all 3 meals... I can foresee us putting on some serious flab there, so to minimise damage... we are going on a diet this week in preparation for our non-stop eating holiday - ironic huh?

anyways, this is a tested and proven diet in my company. Most of the top managers have tried it and if followed to strictly, you stand to loose at least 10 pounds in a week! wah!

so day one was today.. but wahhhhhhhh!!!! :( i broke it :( partly coz i took a guest at our Church to lunch and not eating seemed 'not right'. BUT! i just ate a teeny weeny bit of beef and noodles lah.

Some basic 'rules' of the diet first:
1. coffee, herbal teas are allowed but no creamer or sugar!
2. 10 glasses of water everyday throughout the diet programme. this is a tough one for me.. usually i drink like just 4 glasses?
3. there's a vegetable soup recipe that we can eat everyday in unlimited quantities - i just made it and its YUMMERS!
Veg Soup Recipe (the original version)
- Onions
- Celery
- Green pepper
- Tomatoes
- Cabbage
- flavouring
- water of course

Day 1
NOTHING but fruits in unlimited quantities! Any fruit but melons like watermelon and honeydews are best. avoid those with high sugar content like pears and grapes. Er.. so me and hubby 'cheated' coz we were so hungry after a long day at church so we had our lunch ( his was worse than mine - curry chicken rice oozing with oil and coconut milk .. hmph.)

I didnt follow the exact soup recipe. We're allowed to subsititute any veg according to our taste but best to avoid beans as they are high in calories. i omitted green peppers coz i wasnt sure how they'd taste in soup. Added carrots and garlic, salt, pepper and some Know chicken stock cubes. hmm I didnt know celery would taste good in soup but it certainly added a distinct green taste which made the whole soup more flavourful.

So day 1 is suppose to prepare our system for the upcoming program. Sigh, I hope we survive coz I've had like 3 bowls of the veg soup and I'm still hungry :(


edwin74 said...

hahaha... interesting diet too... 10pounds... wow...

coffeedreames said...

yea! cross fingers.

want to join us? I can email it to ya and we can ALL motivate each other!