Sunday, February 25, 2007

Tree for all Seasons

My hubby and I always make the most of things. *nods head*
We do not simply waste our hard earned money on unnecessary things for our house *nods head again*

Behold our first Christmas tree - classily adorned with traditional WHITE Christmas flowers (I do believe such a thing exists, if only for the sake of my blog. After all, if there's a WHITE Christmas, there ought to be White Christmas flowers too right?)

So being very wise in our decisions to spend our money, see what a little creativity got us in decorating our house for CNY....

Behold! OUR CNY tree!! I must say, we should be the very first people to lay claim on this innovative idea! Very soon, shopping malls would be copying OUR idea...
Just reuse the christmas trees, and adorn them classily with BRIGHT ORANGE mandarin oranges! Saves time on redecorating, saves money on decorations. Looks just as good hey?


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