Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Diet Week:Day 3 & 4


i have been surviving WITHOUT rice for 2 whole days ok.. it feels like agesss.... sigh

Day 3: Veg and Fruits - all you can eat. bleh.. i stuffed myself with celery, broccoli, melons and grapes. (my boss wasnt very supportive and didnt agree to 'waste company money' to get me my salad during our department lunch outing.) So i had a sliver of beef, a small chop of lamb and er... a buffalo wing. But they were all miniature size - really!

So apparently day 3 'eliminates the potato' that was eaten on day 2 because we start to get our "carbohydrates from the fruits". System is now prepared to start burning excess pounds. WOo hoo!! We are still suppose to have cravings which should diminish by day 4. Hmm funnee coz i find that i lost my cravings for sweet stuff ALREADY! my coliks were all having TGIF's sundae which is full of vanilla ice-cream, whipped crea, caramel, nuts..... (in other words - heaven) but i DID NOT TAKE ONE BITE! ha.

Day 4: Bananas (up to 8) and milk (3 glasses). yeah, also the veg soup. I adhered to today's menu. wat an achievement! Cooked up a different veg soup. This time I added Green Pepper, China White Radish and omitted the cabbage. Hm... I think i prefer the soup I made on day 1. I think the radish doesnt suit this soup - gave it an odd, 'musky' or 'damp' kinda taste. I'll stick to the previous soup recipe except I MADE ONE BIG WHOLE POT and now my hubby has decided to ABANDON the project so i have ONE BIG POT OF SOUP all to myself.


oyea, bananas in Day 4 are suppose to replace the potassium and sodium lost during the past 3 days. (Which makes me wonder why did we all have to suffer and lose it in the first place? sense the resentment here? I'd better lose some serious weight i tell you). Oh and it says - you will be surprise at how easy this day will go...


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