Thursday, March 29, 2007

Being a parent

has got to be the most demanding, selfless job out there. We're talking 24/7 here, not 8 hours, 5-days walk in the park. Its a LIFE LONG COMMITMENT. First you gotta deal with them as babies - sleepless nights, wiping off their poo, bathing, feeding... Then you gotta deal with them as kids - more yelling, tantrums, daredevil antics which grips your heart in fear and puts u on your toes all the time. Then you gotta deal with them as teenagers - curfews, spending off your hard earned money just to find their way to fit in the' crowd'. And then all of a sudden, they're all grown up and are leaving the nest. Sigh. (or is it FINALLY!?) hee hee

What a journey.

One of my siblings is not your normal "teenage kid with issues". I'd say he's just different. So the way he responds or rather reacts to things is a little more extreme than your regular kid. My parents have been struggling for many years now - bouts of tantrums bourne out of frustration and constant feelings of inadequacy, put together with my parents' limited patience after all these years - is just about to tip the boiling pot now.

To my parents, I know things havent gotten easier. I'm sorry I'm not home much and even when i am, there's isnt much time. You're doing your best and I think you just need to be assured that God has a plan for him and its not just a hopeless trial. We know this is one of your toughest 'cross' (as dad always puts it *smile*) BUT you have raised us all 3 to be good kids with wholesome principles. We know right from wrong. Being different is not wrong, it just makes things confusing, difficult to handle and understand.

Take heart coz God is with us in our family and he will bring peace and comfort during your toughest moments.

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