Monday, March 26, 2007


I did a funny or rather uncommon thing last week. I asked my subordinates to appraise me, their boss. haha..

WELL, i just got their replies, all typed out and sealed in envelopes to conceal their identity (yea got em fooled! i know them well enough to know their writing styles).

Anyway, the whole idea of this exercise was to get some insight into how they find or feel about the way i've established their responsibilities, our team's work flow in management of current products and development of new products.

As expected, some were frank and gave constructive comments, whereas some didnt really put in quite the effort i hoped for. I was a bit disappointed there nevertheless, they all did agree on one thing - that I am efficient and decisive. (phew - bosses need affirmation too). One did comment that I am a perfectionist and it does drive her off the wall at times.

that's a problem that's been nagging at me lately. I have a terrible desire to get things done down to every single detail. I can't stand messy reports (even though data is most of the times accurate), i can't stand copies written without proper formats and I can't stand overlooks of procedures or incomplete filing and i can't stand delays!!! I guess the big part of it is due to my company's working culture. Make one mistake, miss out 1 procedure or a written email (proof that will need to be dug out one day) and someone out there, one day will pounce on you! Trust me, there are many nasty people out there.

Being a perfectionist is pure agony...

I drive myself nuts
I drive people nuts

Anyone out there like me?

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