Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Pangkor Laut

I just came back from a perfectly GORGEOUS holiday... Pangkor Laut certainly delivered what I hoped and expected.

Resort was beautiful, food was excellent and even though it was a school holiday, it was wonderfully peaceful. Guess coz this is more of a "honeymoon" destination. :)

We got up really early one morning - 6am (on a holiday!) just to catch the sunrise. Totally worth it!

Breathtaking sunrise


I love the architecture and landscaping of the resort too..

AND the food here is to die for!!! Total package was rm2.5K (4D/3N) inclusive of all meals. Brekkie was buffet style, lunch and dinner were ala carte but you could order anything so we both went for the full course - appetizers, mains and dessert. Our lunches (published price on the menu) and dinners averaged rm350/meal and one of the dinners cost up to rm 500! Wow, thank God we came via package so we both felt it was even more worth it! haha! 3 dinners and 3 lunches would have easily cost us rm1.8K! heh. SO to show you how good the food was, feast your eyes...

1st lunch @ Royal Bay Beach Club:

Caeser's salad for me. delicious! Fresh, crunchy lettuce with shreds of parmesan, croutons, sundried tomatoes, topped with fried garlic (rm45)

Nicoise salad for hubby - beef chunks at the side, tuna marinated with vinegar, cucumber, tomatoes and fresh lettuce. Hubby said it looked better than it tasted but i'm a sucker for presentation. hehe. (rm45)

Pizza for me: Galileo its called, dunno why but it sure was yummers. Its the thin crust, AUTHENTIC kind which i like vs Pizza Hut's 1inch thick bread (that's how they make you feel full while stinging on the toppings). galileo's topped with minced beef, generous amount of cheese and sundried tomatoes. mm hmmm. (rm42)

Hubby's Prime Beef Burger. Hubby's said the beef was juicy and delish, onion rings at the side were good too but the pickles were odd.. didnt touch it much. (rm50 - er i think. can't really remember)

We had ice cream and it was really good - if you ever go to Pangkor Laut you must finish every meal with their ice cream. The ppl don't really know the brand but they did say its imported from Switzerland. 2 scoops would cost you rm19.


1st Dinner @ Uncle Lim's.

Complimentary soup of the day. Crabmeat with eggs - absolutely delicious

Steamed seabass with ginger and soy sauce. I liked it but hubby said the fish was a bit dry.

House specialty: Deep fried soft shell crabs. Wasnt crispy enough but ok-la. not much of a fan but hubb's wanted something 'fried'.

Spicy scallops with asparagus.

We had veg too - just siew pak choy which came in a really big plate..

Needless to say, our gluttony won over reason...

Total bill came up to a cool rm500+

(opens eyes big big)


Julian said...

Pangkor Laut is indeed a gorgeous place, but is unfortunately way too exclusive (read: expensive) these days.

I've been there numerous times before it became fully developed - we're talking early 80's here, phew!

Travelled over in kayaks and camped on the beach with friends. Pure open campfire-style, no hotels or other fancy ameneties back then!

Glad you and Ed had a terrific holiday :)

coffeedreames said...

actually if you sum up the amount of food we had, i dont think its too expensive *wink

we splurged a little anyhoo, kinda to celebrate our first anniversary!

gulp, yes - we've been married for a year!

Julian said...

Lol, congrats congrats...

Actually, come to think of it, this year will be my TWELFTH year of marriage!

Time (as the saying goes) really does fly by when you're having fun!