Sunday, November 04, 2007

The 4th of November

Another year down, another year wiser. Yesterday was Hub's birthday. A quiet affair. We just went about our usual routine and I think sometimes, routines are fun! we haven't had a normal routine-y weekend in ages! We went to church, ate at our favourite breakfast kopitiam, did grocery shopping and watched House Season 4!

House-isms (memorable quips) that me and Hubs laughed over like crazy:
"Great. The only way he could turn down any more cheeks is by pulling down his pants.”
"Luckily violence isn’t the last resort. Extortion is. Go ahead. Extort her.”
“Would you condemn this woman to a life where people look at her face when they talk to her?”


ok, on to Hub's birthday. Hub's colleague from Dallas bought him something for me to try! Woo hoo! Ghirardelli Instant brownie mix! We both absolutely luuurve Ghirardelli chocolates. So its just perfect! Baked it for Hub's birthday.

All I had to do was add water, vegetable oil and an egg.. haha. Even I couldnt mess that up! It baked beautifully. Add a dollop of vanilla ice cream. Enjoy!


Claire Dominic said...

To Edwin, Happy Birthday! Am certain you had a g8 bday with wifey baking for you and all. So "hang fook" :)

To Mei Lin, I'm impressed. I just briefly read through some of your blog entries and I can already sense that you have been living such a rich, meaningful life and I'm truly happy for you! Time for me to buck up... esp in the area of cooking! hehehe.

coffeedreames said...

Hi there! Glad you like my blog :)
Thanks for dropping by!