Monday, November 12, 2007

A Soothing Cup of Tea

to let out the gas...

I had another food poisoning attack. This usually happens to me twice a year and at very unfortunate timings. Nothing depresses me more than not being able to eat what i want to eat, when i want to eat. I was slumped over the toilet bowl at my office (its not the cleanest of toilets, my office is in a public building) on a Friday evening! Imagine starting off your weekend this way!
Liquids were spewing out of almost every possible part of my body. I was weak from all the internal twisting and cramping.
I got a jab to stop the bursting dam but it didnt help much with the gas the next day. Believe me, you do not want to mix diarrhoea with gas. You'd better be walking around with adult diapers.
So, i made myself a cup of ginger tea, and old Chinese method of getting rid of gas. Just slice up some old ginger, boil them and add brown sugar to taste. Ahhh.. comfort at last.

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