Sunday, November 18, 2007

Food Republic, Pavillion


Finally I am well enough to go out for a proper dinner! After my bout of food poisoning, I came down with the dreaded flu, sore throat and fever. I must have lost almost 2 kgs (er... whee?)

I read from Boolicious's blog that the food court at Pavillion was open for business and from her reviews, the food variety and quality there sounded promising. So off we went. After walking around, we decided to go to Thye Hong. There was a short queue, people were waiting for the batch of oyster omelletes to finish cooking.

We ordered the fried prawn noodles (RM 7) which was pretty tasty. According to Hubs, the prawns were fresh and juicy.

I ordered the oyster omellete (RM7). Well, it was not bad, though it cannot be compared with Penang's omelletes at macAllister road. (which were chockful with oysters and gooey and fragrant). The omellete was quite plain (I don't think there were any oysters in the omellete itself) but it was topped with (few) lightly fried, juicy and sweet oysters. It would have been much better if they were more generous with the oysters. However, the chilli was pretty good and went well with the dish.

Update: I forgot to mention that we also bought John King's egg tarts and chicken pie plus Movenpick ice cream! After all, an oily, starch-rich dinner should be finished with a good dessert! In case you're thinking wah! wat gluttons!, we had the tarts at home ok, and that's almost a full hour after our dinner heh. lalala.

Anyhoo, you can choose the tarts with cookie crust or pastry crust. We got the pastry ones and I like it! the custard was eggy, soft and smooth. I just warmed up the chicken pie - QUICK!, Hubs isnt home yet from church so I shall have it all to myself muahahahaah!

Hmm, what a let down. It isnt that good. The filling is quite salty and there isnt much buttery taste from the pastry. Sigh. Looks like the DBKL will have some to eat when he gets home after all...

Hubs and I found out about Movenpick ice cream during our hol at Pangkor Laut Resort. We loved the chocolate ice cream so much - lusciously smooth with just the right amount of chocolate taste, and not overwhelmingly sweet. Our meals at the resort were unlimited (package price) so we had lots of the ice cream. The other flavours were just so-so. So when I saw Movenpick at the lower ground floor of Pavillion I went like YAY!

UNFORTUNATELY, as you can see from the picture, the RM5.90 scoop of ice cream is so miserably small even though it tastes just as good. Sigh, that sure took half the enthusiasm and enjoyment away...

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Janice Loh said...

Food Republic is from Singapore and yes, the hokkien mee stall is famous in Wisma Atria. I've yet to try it in fear of being disappointed, but now, maybe I will.

There are quite a number of shops in Pavillion that remind me of Singapore such as Ichiban Boshi, Crystal Jade, that donut place with the long queue. Dejavu the last time I was back.