Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Honey Sauce Chicken

This recipe is from famous Amy Beh at Kuali.

- chicken wings (i used thighs coz i have not tried cooking with this cut yet, yea can u imagine?)
- garlic
- shallots (omited coz didnt hv any)
- ginger
- 3–4 cili padi or bird’s eye chillies (substituted with red chillies)
- oil
- toasted sesame seeds (omited this as well hee hee)

-1 tbsp ginger juice
-1 tbsp oyster sauce
-1 tbsp light soy sauce
-¼ tsp salt
-½ tsp pepper
-1 tsp sugar

Honey sauce – (combined)
-1 tbsp oyster sauce
-2 tbsp light soy sauce
-4 tbsp honey
-2 tbsp sugar
-1 tsp salt
-1 tsp pepper
-150ml water

Massage chicken well with marinade. Leave overnight.
Deep-fry chicken until golden brown. (i pan fried instead which isnt such a good idea but i really didnt want to eat deep fried food)
Heat wok with oil, saute shallots, ginger and garlic. Add in chillies and pour in combined honey sauce ingredients. Bring to a boil.
Return pre-fried chicken to the wok. Cover and cook over low heat for 8 to 10 minutes or until sauce is reduced.
Garnish with a sprinkling of toasted sesame seeds.

Verdict: The sauce was excellent!!! Hubby and I give it a 7/10.
It was very flavourful, with just the right hints of sweetness from the honey, followed by a spicy tinge from chillies and pepper, well rounded off by the oyster sauce. Mmm mmmm....(sounds like me doing my job describing fragrances). I kept scooping up the ginger and garlic pieces which were soaked in the sauce. yum! Prepare for stinkbombs tomorrow everyone! Heh.

The chicky however was grossly bloody... grrr that's why I hate cooking chicken with bones. If you noticed, most of my other dishes use chicken fillets or chicken breast meat. I can never get it right with a chick and its bones. It is just because its undercooked? Mom! How to avoid bloody chickies? Do I just need to cook it until its really well done?

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Looks delicious!