Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Delicious Chicken Curry

Mmmm... this an all Malaysian favourite.. chicken curry... Goes great with rice, roti canai, even day old toasted bread! Mmmm a bowl of this spicy dish just makes my day. The proper, "homecooked' way to cook it would require too many spices, lots of preparation and time - all of which I am not able to indulge in so...

Heh, a quick fix for working girls like me :) Instant Chicken Curry paste from Cosway's very own brand. Yummers! Its not new but I was involved in the tasting sessions that eventually lead to its launch so yes, I contributed greatly to this yummy mix heh!

2 thumbs up from my dad too. Apparently even better than our famous local brand Brahims. My dad's been cooking our family's chicken curry since i could count to ten (or more?) so he should know *wink*

Only rm3.50 for a 200g pack For a big pot of delicious chicken curry FOR the whole family in 20 minutes flat! (almost) Wahh every housewives' dream eh?

All you need to add is just water, santan (coconut milk) and potatoes. I used milk instead of santan - a healthier alternative :)

Anyone wants a packet to try?


TJ said...

(((*hands up*))) me!!!

cept i'm not interested in the powder but the end product! ;P haha... cook 2 portions next time, and courier the xtra portion to klang! :P

coffeedreames said...

oh no! the terrorizing begins!
Sorry bradah, u gotta earn what you wanna eat :P

TJ said...

earnt & fully deserved! :P

whr else u gonna un-earth a gem like me??? ;P haha...

all d pix look good! :D