Sunday, June 10, 2007

Deep Fried Spicy Chicken

I usually try to avoid deep fried food for my cooking but baking them takes too long and too much effort. I'm also slightly bored with stir frying so wat the heck, deep frying just once in a while wouldnt clog my arteries right?

Used Amy Beh's recipe just as a guide coz as usual I didnt have all the ingredients so I just improvised here and there. heh

- Chicken wings
- Oil for deep frying

- onions
- garlic
- oyster sauce
- ginger juice (actually, i never know what ppl mean by this so usually i just chop the ginger into thin slices)
- Worchestershire sauce
- brown sugar
- salt

You'll be wondering which ingredient is suppose to give it a spicy kick? Well, the recipe actually called for lemon grass, curry powder, curry leaves, fish sauce and tumeric powder (!! ok i cheated a lot but I those spices are really not the usual ones I use in my preferred cooking style... hmmm.. maybe i should start learning more dishes with these spices .. after all, I am a Malaysian... )

Anyway, for the spicy bit, i used this--->

Found it at Cold Storage, Japanese section. Actually I think its just chilli powder with some other seasonings. ermm wasnt that spicy or maybe I didnt add enough.

Combine all the marinade ingredients and rub them into the chicky and leave it overnight in the fridge. Heat up oil and deep fry the chickies! Pat all over with paper towels to ease the guilt.

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