Monday, April 16, 2007

Have you ever wondered

Where do little birds go to rest in peace? I mean, cats like to make road kill of themselves. Honestly i think sometimes they just want to get banged over. The other day hubby and i were driving adn this cat was contemplating whether or not to cross and just as we were nearing it, YES! it decided that was the best time to cross! good grief.

too bad we didnt bang/drive over it. shoot.

anyway, back to my question.... where do lil birds to to die peacefully?

you dont see them as road kill..., you dont see them lying anywhere in fields or side alleys...

Yep. that's my balcony there. I found this little guy as I was watering my plants. I quite nearly freaked out coz of the odour (wasnt that bad) but it gave me quite a scare to find something dead in my balcony. Thank god it wasnt a rat!
Anyway, upon further inspection, i think it died of old age. See the position of its body? Its like it was just hopping around admiring my blooming plants then decided this would be a perfect place to spend the last few minutes of his life on earth.

Then he just plopped over and went to sleep.

I like to think my balcony was like a safe haven for the lil creature.

Hubby said my balcony's like a grave yard.


Julian said...
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Julian said...

Sorry, messed up my earlier comment.

As I was saying, cats are EVIL:

coffeedreames said...

ya man. i read that post.

my upstair's neighbour's cat once got stuck on the ledge and they had to call the firemen (4 of em in their big red truck) to get that creature down. can u imagine! i would hv just used a broom to sweep him off . muahaha. *eviil laugh*