Sunday, April 22, 2007

Ultimate Butter Cake!

I have finally decided not to procrastinate anymore. And start putting my new oven to good use (meaning to bake goodies for my hubby who has been hinting no end.) Hmm... I have this bad of rushing into things and when i set my mind on something, i'd go the whole mile. This always makes me spend more than I should.

So even before i knew how to bake, i bought an oven, and all those baking necessities and tools - baking paper, whisk, greasing brush, measuring cup, weighing scale, measuring spoons ... and the list goes on! Thank goodness my parents gave me their baking trays and cake mixer or I would have spent another few rm$$$s. Starting on a new hobby sure is expensive.

Those things sat around neatly (and quietly) in my cupboard for ermm.... 3 months? he he

Anyway! TODAY i have broken my sluggishness and in just a wink, decided to BAKE A CAKE. Not just any cake mind you. Its the ULTIMATE BUTTER CAKE. Well, at least it says so on the site.

I'm more interested to tell you how my first attempt went. I measured everything to the dot, got all the utensils ready, fired up the oven.... was halfway creaming the butter and sugar when i realised.. gee, my cake mixer bowl is starting to look alarrming small.... the butter and sugar were starting to become real fluffy... and i havent even added the flour! ok.... I don't think the bowl is gonna be able to hold the whole recipe.

HEEELLPPPPP!!! this always happens to me. (tell u another day wat happened to the pasta i cooked for 15 ppl)

I quickly decided to separate everything into half - wasnt very accurate now coz i was panicking and all sorts of things were going through my mind. Wat if the oven overheats? should i turn it off? but i shouldnt mess with the temperature - its suppose to remain constant right? And i kept switching the mixer on and off, coz I couldnt decide WHEN to separate the mixture, before or after i add the eggs?

Boy, I did the best i could with half (or less) of a mind thinking straight. So in went the cakes and crossed went the fingers. This better be good. i have 2 blocks of SCS butter in there.

According to the recipe, the cakes were supposed to be done by 45-55mins. Mine didnt.

And it didnt until 30 mins later.

By this time, i pretty much accepted the fact that something musta gone pretty wrong. Nevertheless, the cake smelled really delicious! all that butter wafting out mmm hmmm. at least I can savour the smell.

Sliced the cake, took a bite and VOILA! it was delicious!! Rich, moist, buttery!


Feast your eyes on the pics.


Chinchillas said...

Wow.... finally can get a person to teach me to bake butter cake! I love butter cake, but I just can make it right.... Also just found your blog today! Do not know you blog as well...

Julian said...

Your butter cake looks really gooooooood. In fact, anything with butter is always goooooood!

Down with margarine! Long live butter!

coffeedreames said...

Chin: it's my first time baking! Ed was hinting for ever so long for a home baked butter cake :)

Ju: heheh, i think sometimes the stuff i cook looks better than it tastes ;) ya man long live butter! But i wish someone would make butter that melts faster the minute u take it out from the fridge. it takes forever to get soft and spreadable/mix-able