Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I'll bet every Chinese blogger is busy writing about Chinese New Year.

This is my first Chinese New Year as a married girl! Yup gotta go back to my hubby;s hometown. Psst! Good thing its just nearby so we can be there for the reunion dinner and come back right after. hehe!

Of course we got caught in the spirit of CNY, (I least I did) buying lots of cookies, shopping at hypermarkets to buy drinks (this is a good time to stock up on 100plus), mandarin oranges, Bak Kwa (dried pork), mushrooms. etc for my parents, in-laws and my grandma, wah! dont even want to know how much I spent!

Check out hypermarkets and all their stacks or rather towers of sweets and canned drinks!

carrefour's very own 'twin towers'

Coke must also compete - who's the tallest of them all?

fuiyoh! complete with a dragon too! even the malays are busy buying our honey mandarins :)

The rest are snapshots of the decos that i bought and the humongous load of cookies and snacks we stocked up on. Hopefully our frens will finish em all....

My really red and festive placemats complete with chopsticks and chopsticks holder. They really add a festive cheer to my dining table!

Check out the almond ones on the front right corner - they are delish! so buttery and yummy but they crumble too easily though... bought them from a fren's contact.. cost rm16.

None of us had much mood to work today... hey CNY is just around the corner! we had fun opening our dept hampers and having a lucky draw to divide the goods! haha.


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