Thursday, February 22, 2007

CNY: Part II

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Eve @ Bentong (Ed's dad's side)

Reunion dinner (the meatballs are delish! Being entertained by upcoming pop stars

In case you're wondering, that's my very own HOME-MADE hamper/basket to my hubby's grandmom. had lots of fun picking stuff to pack in - don't play play woh, got Eu Yan Sang flower mushrooms, Ginseng slices (aiyah, not noticeable in this pix), FERRERO ROCHER (gee, wonder if his grandmom will eat it hee hee), pineapple tarts, the must-have mandarin oranges AND nian-gao plus a bright red ribbon to make the basket look very CNY! had a field day taking pics of it. Difficult to get good lighting late in the evening.

A very significant point in me life -*nods heads*

1st day - uneventful

2nd day: Dinner @ Puchong (Hubby's mom's side)

woo hoo! fun part - our first year of giving ANG PAUs! everyone had to line up and 'feed' us with good wishes - heh heh. bring it on! Being on the giving side is more fun!

Part III comin up...

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