Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Lure of Shanghai

Waa ha ha, in case you think i'm gonna write about the delicious Shanghai Dim Sum or the vibrant city nightlife, you're absolutely WRONG.

I am going to write about what I always do when I go abroad - shopping! Yep. and Shanghai is a shopping haven for imitation goods heh heh!

Although i must admit i didnt intend to spend that much this time round. My last trip to Shanghai (in 2005 i think) really put a dent in my usually medium sized purse.

The imitation goods used to be found in this big open market - even the ang mohs are a plenty there buying 'Samsonite' luggage bags and 'Nike' goods. We found out that it shifted but no one really knew where to. When my colleague and i got there, we didnt waste ONE minute checking with the hotel staff, taxi drivers etc where all these wholesalers shifted to. We found out that its now located at Qi Pu. erm dun ask me what's that. My mandarin sucks.. though i did manage to pick up some pretty useful words to negotiate with *wink

So we spent 2 fruitful days (8.30-6pm!) covering Qi Pu. (its opens at 5.30am! and closes by 6.30pm) Its actually an area where there are lots of old shopping buildings about 5 storeys high.


Don't get me started on the toilets! We had to abstain from drinking water throughout the day from fear of needing to use the totally G_R_O_S_S toilets. Do you know the girls toilets are made WITHOUT cubicle doors?!! i can see everyone squating there just like that! Some were even sms-ing while doing their 'business'!!! I headed straight to the one at the end so no one would be able to see me - BIG MISTAKE. The last one is where all the ^&**&)# goes to!!!! AWWKKGGDSSGHHHH!! because every cubicle (if you can call being separated by waist high cement walls that) is joined by this drain running across at the bottom and it all leads to a hole that's found at the end of the toilet! THAT"s where i went! oh no, but i really needed to go so i just mentally shut all my senses, did wat i needed to do and got out of there as soon as i could!
Good Grief, they dont have individual flushing systems! A 'cleaner' lady would just take a pail of water and flush from the front so all the *()#*% would go sailing towards the end of the toilet and fall into that one hole.


anyhoo, sorry for that but i still can't believe i had to endure that. well, i guess for the sake of shopping.....

ok. Back to my shopping... You can find most of the popular international brands there: LV, Gucci, Coach, Samsonite, Lesportsac ermm.... Prada, Miumiu, Hugo Boss, and of course Rolex, etc the list goes on! woooo *drools*

haha. i bought a wallet for my dad and a leather 'Dunhill' belt for my hubby. The finishing is almost like the originals (yea, like i know haha).

Bought a pair of nice pearl earrings for my mum coz she lost one of the earrings from the last pair i bought her.

There's lots of cK underwear there as well! This time round the selection was even wider! yippee and the quality was really good! just like the ones i bought the last time i was in Shanghai. Shan't post the pics here anyway *wink.

AND here are I my treasures:

- a MUCH needed new COACH wallet

and a MUCH needed new shopping bag Miumiu! wooo see the beautiful leather... feels so luxurious too :)

too bad we didnt have enough cash for shoes :( i wanted badly to buy some chic knee high boots

:( :(

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