Sunday, March 30, 2008

Our 2nd Anniversary

Can you imagine, it was only our 2nd anniversary and we both FORGOT! (its a good thing i forgot too our hubs would be getting plenty from me)

So anyway, we celebrated it the next day at Ma Maison, a cozy lil French restaurant along Jalan Ampang. It was raining so the restaurant was quite empty when we got there. As usual, service was attentive but I think the menu was slightly different from what I remembered.

I ordered the Parfait de Foies de Volaille (homemade chicken liver pate). Hmm.. it was on the dry, crumbly side. I prefer pate to be creamier but the taste was alright. The tangy salad helped balance the overpowering taste of the pate.

Hubs ordered the tarragon spring chicken. The flesh was quite dry too - oh dear what a letdown for Hubs but the potatoes served at the sides were delish.

I ordered the lamb cutlets with mustard crust. Now this was good! You can tell something's good when you have someone at the side poking into your dish every minute and looking at it and then at his own meal forlornly. HAHAHhaha I can just recall hubs face then. Poor guy. The lamb was perfectly done - juicy in the inside, cripsy on the outside. It came along with a bowl of potato gratin and this was excellent too!

It was creamy, hearty and had a nicely baked top layer of cheese. Talk about indulgence.

Finally we finished off with Crepes Ma Maison (Apple pancakes with vanilla ice cream and orange sauce) hmmm I guess Hubs and I prefer the thick, fluffy American style pancakes vs these thin, delicate ones. The orange sauce was a tad too sour too.

I love the plate!

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