Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bukit Tabur Melawati (updated)

And that is a picture taken at the edge of urbanised KL. Beautiful!

This is my fifth hike up this hill. For me, its been a month of great accomplishments. (Hey, let me claim some credit here. I know this is an EASY climb for my veteran frens haha.)

I'm the sort that's terrified of heights and ALSO hate to get hot and sweaty with bugs and weeds around me. I used to seriously wonder how could people actually ENJOY outdoor activities. Gimme a gym with TV,music and air-conditioning.

So then, I'm not quite sure why did I decide to still hike up this hill. it must be the beautiful view :) Even with my humble camera and Hubs limited photography skills, the pics still came out breathtaking.

Probably its coz I need some good physical exercise and also I wanted to overcome my fears. So every week we would go one step further from where we last stopped. I remember my first time up this hill, I literally froze halfway climbing a rock wall. My limbs just refused to move and I couldnt figure out where to put my feet. Good grief. And I swore never to go up again.

Now I actually ENJOY the climb. Its great to feel your limbs working vs just the fingers tapping at the keyboard everyday at the office - sigh. Talking about that, I can't really write properly anymore. Seriously, the only writing I do now is just to sign my name. I don't think even that's legible too. Boo.

To enjoy better pictures of Bukit Tabur and the dam, click on my fren's blog - Iron Will. He's a professional photograher :)

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