Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Broccoli salad

The past weekend was one which will be remembered in the annals of Malaysian history. Read about Malaysia's elections here, here and here although I know most Malaysians are already familiar with these influential political blogs.

I am proud to say I lived and participated in this period of amazing, miraculous change in our country. I feel proud to be a Malaysian, I feel proud of my fellow Malaysians and have all hopes that our country will be truly progressive, not living in the shadows of its neighbours and most importantly, the people will be known as ONE BANGSA.

As we wait for hopes to be realised, let's make broccoli salad shall we ? *wink :)

Sometimes we just need to eat healthy. Can you see the delicious cream dressing? No? Here's a close up shot.

See those droplets of precious calories and sugar? This dressing was taken from Simply Recipes. Apple cider vinegar, mayonnaise and honey. Its like a rainbow of tastes. Sweet, sour, tangy, rounded up by the creaminess of mayo. ( i made a smaller amount as I am quite a health freak 0_0 honest.)

I blanched the broccoli florets for a minute or 2 in boiling water. Quickly rinsed it under running water to prevent it from overcooking and becoming soggy. You still want the crunch in every bite.

Toss in a bowl with the dressing, some raisins, toasted pine nuts (yep still gotta finish that tub in my fridge) and chopped red onions.

Serve chilled.

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