Sunday, September 09, 2007

Its raining MAGGOTS

I'm suppose to record te 3rd part of my Sabah trip but just had to put this up now.

Yes, its literally true. It rained maggots in my office last Friday. Let me go thru the sequence of events
Mon: There was a stench in our office in the evening. I was quite sure it was a dead rat.
Tues: No more smell! Gosh, so we all thought that was that.
Wed: Flies spotted zooming around in our rooms. I KILLED one haha! In the evening, my colleague swatted another.
Thurs: PEACE
Fri: 10am Department meeting in the meeting room. I sat at this one particular spot near the
: 11am. My colleague had a meeting with her supplier in the same room. Something dropped
from the ceiling. They thought it was dust.
: 12.45pm. The usual tah-pau bunch was about to settle in the meeting room when there were shrieks
: 13 creepy, gross disgusting large maggots crawling on the carpets!!!

Arrrggghhhhh!!!! There were queer brownish spots on the meeting table. We then realised it was the juice from the maggots coz upon closer inspection, you could actually see their squirming trails. Dropped onto the table, crawled and plopped onto the floor. G_R_O_S_S! And the spot where i sat was one of the ones where they landed!!! Arrggghhhh i was just hours away from a traumatic experience of having maggots landing on me!

2 of my braver colleagues went into the room and sprayed Baygon and all other sorts of bug spray but they didnt even stun the maggots! They just kept on crawling towards the door. In the end, we (or rather they. I just stood, stared and provided the sound effects) resorted to more barbaric means, scooped them into newspapers and crushed the living daylights out of them. One of my colleague said it was quite satisfying to squish it. I don't know what's more gross.

We discovered that there was a dead rat after all.. They must have burst from the rat's dead body that morning.

I'm going to try to have my dinner now.


TJ said...

after me flirtin with hot choc, milo, horlicks; it's time for me to return to me regular dose of coffeeeeee....

le terrorist is back! ;P

erm, u guys ACTUALLY counted the maggots? ;)

coffeedreames said...

oh no helpppp!!!

yes, how often do u get to count maggots?