Sunday, September 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Teej!

We had a surprise birthday get together for Teej this year. Thanks to WL who got us a really 'unique' cake. Trust her to know where to get these stuff. :P Sorry but I'm not gonna post a more 'detailed' pix of the cake here as my parents and some 'underaged' kids read my blog. Hahah suffice to say, it isnt your regular birthday cake. Cake's such as these are known as 'Designer Cakes' but they are not all naughty lah. Doesnt come cheap too (read that Teej? heh)

Anyhoo, I am sure he's a happy man. Ya? Are you still keeping the figurines to display to everyone?

1 comment:

TJ said...

who dat hansem fella?? waiitttt... that's ME!!! ;D

haha, yeah.... enjoyed every embarassing bit of it... and glad u & ur hubby made it for the birthday ambush! :D

p/s: great job in hiding the details. eh, please send me all the photos tht u took? tks yeah! :)