Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sabah: Maiden Trip (Part 2)

On the 2nd day, we headed to Kota Belud - a small town located north of Kinabalu park. The journey took us roughly 1 1/2 hours. Hubby wanted to go to this town as it was a Sunday and the locals gather together only on Sundays to sell their wares. Market Day is known as "Tamu" (meeting place).

There werent many interesting stuff there actually and it was a disappointing trip. Apart from the few stalls selling local fruits, kueh and handy crafts, the rest were selling typical pasar malam items like T-shirts, jeans, slippers, shoes, hair accessories! Goodness, i thought Tamu was suppose to be a showcase of the unique heritage from the local tribes but the whole thing just ended up being swallowed by commercialism.

Hubby was intrigued by this exclusive area at a far, away corner.

Its old womenfolk selling homegrown TOBACCO. Dunno why he found it so fascinating. They were all giving him the eye while he was busy snapping photos. Is it legal to sell homegrown tobacco? hmmm

Anyway, one thing I don't regret though is this:

Tarap! A local fruit that's unique to Borneo. Looks like a cousin of Cempedak. Its flesh is milky, sweet and soft. YUM! Cheap too! An average sized fruit would cost between RM1-RM2! How's that for a nutritious meal?

On the way back, we dropped by a row of stalls along the road. My mum and I ended up buying rattan baskets - guess no matter where I go, I must end up buying a 'handbag' haha.

We didnt do much the rest of the day. Basically just walked around in Kinabalu park and rested.

Here's a pix of the Hill lodges in Kinabalu park. Beautiful little houses - small I think, but with a magnificent view of the Kinabalu mountain! One of the park rangers mentioned that Europeans would come and stay in these lodges for several months to do bird watching.

Wow - when would the day come when i'd be able to go holidaying for months?

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