Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sabah Maiden Trip (Part 3)

3rd day. We headed to Poring Hot Spring, about 45 mins drive from KK park. Here's wat greeted us at the entrance.

ok.. Mamut sounds like Maut - a malay word which means 'D_E_A_T_H' - great. Well, no fear for the tough guys.

Hmm if it were up to me, I would have made the whole place more 'natural' looking with wooden tubs to soak in - not the tiled ones they used... urgh, looked like stained bath tubs which were not cleaned it ages. I actually came here to walk on the canopy walk. We had to pay RM5 if we wanted to take photos from the canopy walk. Hmph! So we didn't lah. Anyway I was scared stiff all the time up there, my arm muscles were aching coz I was so tensed up. Not a pleasant walk for the faint hearted.

BUT we did stumble upon a gem of a restaurant. Located just opposite Poring:

You must try their Special Mee Goreng! Only RM6.00 for that yummilicious meal. The noodles were springy and nice - very flavourful! The pix does it justice! Heh.

Next, we took a drive to Kundasang War Memorial. A fort with 4 beautiful gardens built to commemorate the soldiers that died in Sabah during the Japanese occupation. It also remembers our people who died trying to help the POWs. Read more here

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