Tuesday, January 06, 2009

yUMmiliCiOUS !

Gardenia just launched (or maybe it was some time already but i just discovered it) a new range called Delicia.

This loaf is absolutely HEAVENLY, really Really REALLY GOOD!

You smell it before you see it.

Well, that's how I found it. Pick up a pack and breathe in deeply. Its healthy.

The sweet and buttery smell of butterscotch will make you salivate!

The bread is wonderfully soft with bits of melted butterscotch in it. mmmMMM

Only RM4/loaf

I just discovered this very morning that there's also a choc raisin flavour too! Almost finish half a loaf for brekkie good grief..

So good you can even eat it on its own!

Grab one today!

1 comment:

Jie said...

the cocoa raisin version is too chocolatey for my taste, got sore throat after consuming a few slices

mum and i ate too much of the butterscotch version and now we are 'jelak' liao