Friday, January 02, 2009

Hitting the big 3-0

I've been in denial mode the whole year since I'm a Dec kid. But now Dec has come and gone and I am now unarguably 30.

People say things change when you hit 30.. especially for women. Your body goes into automatic mode to grow more white hair, in more obvious spots, have more allergies, put on more weight in more obvious spots, turn drier, more wrinkly, crinkly - oh no more smooth, supple skin despite all the cosmetics you sweep off the counter.


But then, I've got a great life partner (who is now busy packing for his 8am paintball session tomorrow), wonderful family, a cosy home of my own, a crazee bunch of friends and a job i enjoy (70% of the time and that should be good right?).

Lots to be thankful for :)

And places to go eat and blog about. Heh.

Have you been to Neroteca? Its an Italian restaurant tucked in Lorong Ceylon, KL. This is my 2nd time here and they serve delicious pastas. Affordably priced too, except for their specialities like roast suckling pig. Go for that only if you're willing to splurge :)

Sorry my pics arent that good, its got a pretty dark ambience.


Ok TIME OUT. My ridiculous husband is testing out his paintball gear at 12am. Knee guards, chiplak army pants and his 2nd hand face mask that makes him look like Darth Vader. Good GRIEF.


This is the appetizer I ordered. Prosciutto e Melone (fresh parma ham and melon) RM 34. Absolutely delicious. Love the saltiness and hammie taste of prosciutto with the cold, sweet and refreshing melons.

For mains, I had Parmigianna eggplant with ham and smoked cheese RM22. This was ok. Perhaps because I wasnt very hungry and there was a wee bit too much of mozarella and too little eggplant. A little overpowering for me tastebuds.

Hubs ordered Tagliatelle Funghi e Prosciutto, ham and mushrooms RM22. Large portion and VERY GOOD. Love the cream base and mushrooms. Tops for me!

So far from my 1st and 2nd visits, their pastas with ham were very good. Try those if you love the taste of porky ham.

To wash it all down, we had a refreshing scoop of strawberry gelato. It was smooth with bits of berries, love the natural strawberry taste. RM6/scoop.

I'll definitely dine in this place again whenever I have the craving for a really good bowl of comforting, creamy pasta.

Important note: Make bookings in advance to avoid disappointments especially for dinner on weekends. Seats are limited.


Babe said...

hi ah sou, happy new year!
hey noticed from your blog that u n edwin did a lot of dine in @ nice, cosy deco and different type of restaurants which i never discover when i was in KL! we should have some cousin gathering one day in one of those restaurant. when my sis, CY back from US ard august time..
see ya.


Melalyn Ng said...

Hi Mei Lin!

:) Found your blog through Edwin Tan's hehe If it's any compliment to you, you don't look anywhere near 30. I'm serious!

Anyway, I totally can relate with what you're saying coz I'm a december baby too. And I just 24 last birthday when all my other friends around me are turning 25. Let's just say I don't have time to enjoy my real age haha! When anyone asks me how old I am, I'll say 24! Not 25 (yet)!

And I can be in denial for a good one year heh :p Happy going back to work! God bless you and Edwin!

coffeedreames said...

Babe: sure no prob! we'll bring you guys to some really great places :)

Mel: woo hoo! thanks for the compliment. sometimes i think i don't act my age either haha :P

hurray for dec babies! :)