Sunday, June 01, 2008

Steak Hut at Suzi's Corner, Ampang

Important: Closed on Tuesdays
Everyone I know who stays around this area is gonna scoff at me.. What??!! Are you nuts? Eat at a tourist spot in Ampang? Cut throat prices lah!

For sure, forking out RM30 for steak in a non-air conditioned, mamak stall seems incredulous. The big question is - have YOU tasted their steaks?

Your mouth is so gonna water up. First, they serve a small lil bun with butter. Someone told me its to get your salivary glands workin so when the steak arrives, it will seem even tastier. Is that true? I guess probly, most things taste extremely good when you're well salivated.

They have 3 choices of gravy - garlic, brown or black pepper. I took the garlic. Delicious. Every bite of this tender juicy morsel is oozing with flavour. I'd say it can even give Angus Steakhouse a run for its money. Fries and veg at the sides to make it a well balanced meal. I always choose healthy meals.

This is my 2nd time here. Many tourists frequent this place. I could hear them singing praises about the steaks across the table. Its amazing the information you can get from eavesdropping. I highly recommend it.

Actually, the reason why Hubs and I decided to give this this place a shot was becoz of his colleagues (from Dallas, Land of Steaks) who actually said the steaks here were really good. Now that coming from them is good enough to warrant a visit.

So, go sink your teeth into one of these big juicy steaks and I rest my case.

Other food sold here: Satay, typical mamak food, other western food like chicken chop etc.
For a more detailed review of the other food sold at Suzi's corner, check out Boolicious here.


Elaine Gan said...

Looks really yum, i myself havent tried it out yet. Even my australian bosses said it's one of the best, will surely head there soon too!
What's the most priciest steak there? Salmon?

coffeedreames said...

I don't think they have salmon there. the most expensive is the cut i had (in pix) tenderloin.

go try!