Saturday, June 14, 2008

Nong & Jimmy's, Ampang

I've been to this place several times before I started blogging. My colleagues and I would come here for their special grilled crabs but at RM40/kg (the last time I had it, not sure if prices have gone up) it does make a dent in your wallet.
Always start with this - fried yau char kuai with a plate of kaya to dip in. Yummy but pricey. RM6 for a plate.

Apart from the crabs, some of their other dishes are good too. Check out their ikan bakar - the sauce is flavourful, slightly spicy, flesh is grilled just right with all the juices sealed in.

Kai lan ikan masin

Nong & Jimmy's specialty - fried rice. I think this is the only style they serve. Something very suspicious about it - at first glance, you expect it to be just like any normal fried rice as all you see are just bits of eggs, prawns and veg. UNTIL you get a whiff of that steaming plate of rice, THEN your mouth starts to water and you dig in for dear life. I'm dying to find out what seasoning they use.

p/s: If you are sitting in a table with frens like mine, its literally a war zone. Grab all you can, there's no time to be pai seh (polite).

Oh and then there's lala... Sauce was pretty good.

We also ordered tom yam just to satisfy my hubby's craving. I would say its average, wasnt tangy enough for my liking. No pics here though coz it came out blurred.

Head over to Boolicious here for a review on their steam fish too. Apparently its one of the star items too.

I'm off to Camerons for a long awaited break. I think its been almost 10 years since my last visit good grief. I hope it has not turned into a typical commercialised tourist spot....*crossing my fingers.


Julian said...

Yeah, the fried rice is usually the main thing I look forward to at Nong & Jimmy's!(The amount of prawns and squid in the fired rice may have something to do with it, too)

Was at Cameron about 3-4 years ago... not over-commercialized per se, but just don't expect the Cameron from "the good old days".

The thing which bugged me the most when I was there was the amount of lorries plying the roads, and the stink of smoke they belch out which tends linger in the cool highlands air.

Bring enough warm clothing - it gets darned cold at night.

coffeedreames said...

Yea it wasnt the Cameron from the good old days :(

But I did explore some new, interesting places. Wouldnt mind going there one day to climb Gunung Irau :)