Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Healthy Eating at Taman Segar, Cheras

I have not been posting lately because:
1. Been busy every weekend for the past 3 weekends cooking for various birthday/Mother's day and pot lucks. Sad to say I still can't bake the Perfect carrot cake yet. My parents and friends liked it a lot but hmmmm.... I've tasted even better ones so I'm still gonna try to bake it again.

2. American Idol mania. I have been watching reruns of the finale, the grand finale and then when David Cook was announced the winner, I started reading up all about him, going thru his journey in american idol from auditions right up to the finale. Phew! I want to post his pics up but Hubs may not appreciate it :( heh heh. (psstt my desktop is a pix of Cook)

Anyway, back to the purpose of this post. Steam food at K.T.L Restaurant at Taman Segar Cheras (nearby Leisure Mall)

Succulent steam fish with ginger, spring onions, red chillies and a very unique tasting soy sauce.
This is what I call healthy eating!

They also have a version of herbal chicken with wine, arrggh what do you call those red stuff erm keji or goji/wolfberries right? Hmm tastewise ok but the chicken was slightly on the tough side. I prefer the version at Jalan Pudu.

We also ordered steamed egg which came out very smooth and steamed veg. All in all, affordable and satisfying. Bill came to about RM10-12 per person.

Call Wilson Lim at 017 872 7567 / 012 308 7311 to book your choice of fish earlier coz more often than not it finishes by as early as 8pm on weekends.


edukkator said...

halo.. no Cook-obsession please.. cooking ok.

edwin74 said...

oh... been here also... all steam stuff... steam chicken, fish, pork... stir fry veggies... all healthy... except the oil... quite affordable too..

coffeedreames said...

edukkator: i shall 'cook' as i please :P

edwin74: yup! shall be going there again more dishes :)