Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Perfect Mash

Do you make a list when you go grocery shopping? Conversation in the car:
Hubs: Did you make a list?
Me: (realised sumthing and felt guilty) Errr yeah.
Hubs: Good.
Me: its at home....

Sometimes i think its better to shop WITHOUT a list. I mean its so boring when you have a list and u just walk down the aisles, put the stuff into the trolley and methodically strike it off your list. BORING....

I say where's the creativity in that? Its so much MORE fun to go shopping WITHOUT knowing what to get. Then when you see something (let's say an onion), you mentally start creating ways to cook it! Salads or soups or fried onion rings. Its endless!

Only problem is then i wouldnt be able to decide and in the end i'd just get all the ingredients for all the possible ways i'd cook it.


So today, I saw a potato and decided to make the perfect mash.

I'd say if this is the source of carbo in your meal, it should be a medium to large potato per person.

Potatoes (I read Yukon Gold potatoes make the perfect mash! Couldnt find it here though - the usuals are just Russets and Holland potatoes)
Garlic (this is a great tip I read about!)
Heavy/whipping cream
A dollop of Djon mustard
Salt & Pepper

Clean potatoes and boil them. Add several cloves of garlic here. Boil till the potatoes are soft (~15mins). Drain and peel them. Now, mash them up together with the garlic! ooohhhh yummy!

Heat up the cream with butter. Add in to the mashed potatoes a little at a time, continue mashing them until you get a nice creamy texture. Add mustard, mayo and season with salt and pepper.

Served this with Italian sausages and a simple salad.

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