Monday, November 06, 2006

To the rescue!

How often do you get to witness firemen rescuing a stranded cat here in Malaysia?? haha, we had such fun when one lazy Sunday afternoon, we heard loud clinking and clanking behind our condo.
Lo and behold! Our upstairs neighbours' cat was stuck (how come the silly thing can't jump down?)

everyone staring at the silly creature
firemen contemplating who would get the honour of rescuing the cat
aha! the chosen one ascends!

and descends with the rescued creature

the "handover". see how highly strung the cat is. shouldnt they be relaxed since they have like 9 lives?

the great big fire engine rolling away after a hard day's work. at the expense of tax payer's money

hmmph, and goodbye neighbour and silly cat. I think the owner should have just used a stick to nudge the creature to the edge and force it to jump down.

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