Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hubby's Birthday

i bought this interesting looking cake from Meidi-ya. the girl at the counter told me it's 'sangat sedap'. welll.... i didnt quite believe her but i didnt have much choice. wanted to surprise my hubby with a cake at the stroke of midnight and didnt have time to get another cake. Believe me, it looks better than it tastes (but then again, it could be my photography skill, i must say i have an eye for angles and lighting HAHA)
anyway, we had fun just plain eating it.

"Happy Birthday Hubby!"

1 comment:

Edwin said...

I thought I took the picture?? But I still love it soo much.
Isn't it great.. to know that we'll be doing this every year!!! I love choco cake! I love my wifey!! I love it!!!!!