Wednesday, November 08, 2006


i recently had a nightmarish experience that shook my world of security. How often we take the everyday comforts for granted.

it all started with a phone call at 6am on a monday morning. of course i rushed to pick up the call, thinking it must be an emergency. no one answered, i think the line was cut. several seconds later, i got a disturbing sms.. call it sexual harassement. immediately my heart froze. it was unnerving and it struck fear in me. however, my hubby told me to ignore it, probrably a prank call.

so i woke up later and got ready for work. while driving, i started getting more calls from the same harasser. he kept calling up to 5 times, showing his impatience and since i didnt pick up, he sent even more threathening sms'es. I immediately called my hubby to stay home and wait for me.

from there, we went straight to make a police report and cancelled my number.

it was a terrible day and that incident filled me with paranoia. i am now more aware of my surroundings and can't help but keep checking if anyone is following or looking at me suspiciously.

my whole world of comfort and security just crashed. And all it took was a phone call.

Its been 2 days now and i'm calmer. This incident has taught me several things:
1. I will not live in fear of this harrasser. I will not let him scare me into being a victim of his sick fantasies.
2. I will trust and have faith that God's blood will cover and keep me protected.
3. Not to take things for granted. You can never be too careful. Look around before entering your car, don't go to lonely corridors / toilets alone, carry a self-defense item (pepper spray) while walking alone.

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