Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Makan

Kin Kin Restaurant at Cheras

Famous for its chilli pan mee.
The main restaurant is located at Chow Kit, KL area. We went to the son's restaurant at Cheras. Almost as good but somehow i think you need the shouting, yelling and fighting with the crowd for tables to make the whole eating experience more satisfying. However at Cheras, there are 2 shop lots so there's more space, plus there's air conditioning! The heat has been unbearable lately so Cheras seemed the logical place to go.

This is one of my makan buddies. The minute our food arrives, we both hover over it like vultures with cameras. And while we're clicking away, the food gets cold. sigh.

Look at that perfectly poached egg! Yummers. The moment you get it, break it quickly and let the yolk run and coat the noodles and minced meat.. oohhh absolutely heavenly!!

Add in the secret ingredient. Fried pounded dried chillies with chilli oil. Spoon all this good stuff into your bowl and mix somemore.

Each serving comes with a bowl of hot, clear soup with daun cekur manis.

oh, and lets not forget this bowl of delicious, springy pork balls. yep all 35 of them. haha no, i didn't gorge em all up. shared among 11 of us. mmm

HOoray! I've quite fulfilled my cravings after 2.5 weeks in Europe having cold sandwiches.


Jo said...

Can't believe I haven't been there before!

KelvinK said...

Didn't know you had a blog! =p

Anyway, I've been to this restaurant! As much as I hate pan mee, this got me to love it. Just this. Other pan mees are still outta my list. Hehe!

coffeedreames said...

Jo: Let's go!

Kelvin: elo! yups its all about food :) the CHow kit branch is better though.