Thursday, April 09, 2009

Intruders in my home!

the other day, hubs and i had a very nice lunch at our usual hainanese chicken rice shop.

we came back to expect to dump ourselves in front of our TV and just laze about. I opened the door and lo and behold. i just stood there speechless, looking at our kitchen counter and going uhhh uhhhh.....

then hubs being the hero starting yelling SHOO! SHOO! Boo! (wat a ruckus)

not 1 but TWO monkeys were in my kitcheeeeeennnn!!! BWAAAAAAAA

one was brown and the other white. good grief! the brown fellow was actually analysing my LOCK LOCK containers of dried fruits and nuts.. using his fingers and running thru the containers like he was actually studying which to take! arrggghh and I can remember his horrible tail all curled upwards arrggghhh on my kitchen counter!!!

they jumped off into the open window with a packet of my brown rice. Ed then started being the hero again and jumped there to continue his booing ruckus. At this point I was actually wondering who was the bigger monkey.

Then the WORSE thing was, he started getting ice cubes from the fridge and hurling them at the monkeys.


I think he got a pretty good kick out of it coz he went HAHA! and all excited and took more ice cubes to throw. The monkey had the cheek to just sit on the fence, eating his nice packet of brown rice and just stare at the bigger monkey throwing ice cubes.


so there, that's my latest update. gotta clean up my kitchen from all those 'hand' prints

can't leave my windows open anymore :(

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