Sunday, January 14, 2007

Penang Food Trail - 2

Wrapping up our food journey. We left Penang early to catch lunch at Ipoh ( we didn't manage to eat their famous Ngar Choy Kai on the way up).

Apparently there's like half a dozen shops along this stretch - the reportedly famous one - Lou Wong restaurant wasnt open so we ate at Onn Kee, which is just right next to Lou Wong.

The chicken was tender and juicy, doused in light soy sauce with sprinklings of spring onion. I'm sure there's lots of other stuff they added coz it was sooooo delicious. No time to blink also, everyone grabbing it - phew!

There's something about the taugeh in Ipoh. It's fatter, crunchier and naturally sweet on its own. Sigh, we don;t get these sort of taugeh in KL. They're all limp and skinny here :(

And of course we couldnt miss out the pork balls! wah! even these were bigger than those we eat in KL. Springy and full of porky taste - yum!

After that, E said there was a famous stall just round the corner selling Tau Foo Fah (hubby's favourite!). It looked like a small, humble stall from the outside, BUT the Tau Foo Fah was super smooth, melt-in-your mouth - and it was CHEAP too! (only rm0.70/bowl). You can choose to have it with normal sugar syrup, brown sugar syrup or sugar syrup with ginger) AHHhhhhh...

There! I've finally finished my post!

Heh, heh where to next?

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