Saturday, January 20, 2007

Back to cooking!

I must admit that I have not been cooking for close to a month now *wink. I was really busy, at one point got sick with the world's most vicious stomach flu, then just didn't have the mood / inspiration to cook, let alone go grocery shopping (and tat's sayin sumthin coz i never let up a chance to buy stuff!)

Anyway, I got the cooking bug again - yay for my hubby! or not? hee hee. Ok so the main dish - Sea Perch with Oyster Sauce! Sounds yum yea? I got sold by this lady who caught me while i was all vulnerable pushing my empty shopping cart up and down the meat section. She pounced on me, asking ever so sweetly if I would like to try this new fish the supermarket was starting to import. And she even went into detail to teach me 2 methods to cook it. So I went for the easy one first - of course la.

You don't have to wash the fish much, just a light rinse will do so that you dont wash off the 'sweetness'. Rub a little oil on the steaming plate to avoid the fish sticking to it. Pour oyster sauce over the fish (Lee Kum Kee is so much better than the previous brand i tried - "Taste me") and sprinkle a generous amount of young ginger and a dash of sesame oil. Voila! Cooks in just 10 mins. The flesh was really tasty and sweet - not a hint of fishy smell at all!

I also whipped up some spinach. Can you imagine this is the first time i'm cooking spinach? I just realised how boring my cooking has been - all i've ever tried for veggies were broccoli, french beans and long beans, broccoli, french beans and er, long beans...
Back to the topic - Just a quick stir fry over a hot wok with lots of garlic and here we go Popeye!

Next was a simple steamed taufu. I've never been able to remove the taufu from the packet without breakin it. Anyone knows how to do this? So I always end up with bits left in the box and i gotta scrape it out. :( Steamed it with some oyster sauce and sesame oil. Stir fried some dried shrimps and then sprinkled it on top with dried onions and soy sauce.

Finished off our dinner with fresh fruits - kiwis and persimmons - ooooOOoo are we like healthy or what?

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